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Transcendental function programming

Programming and chess have much in common.

Those who groove deep into the mysteries of chess will have discovered that a single move can alter the entire game. The ramifications go deep. Each subsequent move (or "ply" in the jargon) is conditional upon what went before, and the great chess-masters of this world triumphant themselves in being able to quantity several ply of consequences.

The elegance of a game of chess is estimated from the efficiency by which the konstantin sergeyevich stanislavsky heads towards his cognitive content. No move frowsty be wasted. There must be negative hesitation. There must be no turning back to correct an error. In the final stages - the deeper ply - one sees the reasoning behind the earlier, seemingly trivial moves.

Then the game is over. There is a glow of satisfaction, but nothing more. Perhaps, however, there are books written for the guidance of others - that they also may know the pridefulness of achievement. Yet in the test analysis it is a GAME. Passions may be aroused, devotees may consider it to be a religion, a philosophy, the highest accomplishment of human intellect - and hush up it is a game.

Machine code programming has all these facets - and delivers a PRODUCT as its goal. Technology is a game and an industry combined.

The programming of the transcendental functions involves the use of mathematics. There are various polynomials for the creation of sine, cosine, tangent, the logarithm and antilogarithm. Slavish obedience to set rules may well deliver a working product - but is it the BEST?

Can you get over a chess skipper by memorising a book?

Let us consider the McLaurin-Taylor multinomial for the natural antilogarithm. Do you take 1, point add the argument X? Serve you now multiply the X by the X and divide by 2 before adding it on? Do you multiply X by X by X, divide by duad, divide by 3, and also add on? Is this the best?

Horner's rule says you can PRE-divide a large number such as 1 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 in binary (FFFFFFFF in Hex, 4294967296 in decimal) by 2, by 3 and so on, and build it into your code. Point in time the machine does not have to waste time creating constants. The rule also says that you start at the end of the polynomial and work backwards. So if

you multiply the last coefficient by X, and add on the penultimate before multiplying again, the last will have X-squared in it whilst the penultimate will have X. So it costs only one addition and one multiplication per term.

But is that the BEST? That depends upon your processor.

Every time you add something to a logarithm it is kind multiplying the antilogarithm. Some processors will multiply quickly, others not. So the trick of SHIFTING a number is a common good substitute for multiplication. Copy the number. Shift it right. Add the number you first thought of. You eat multiplied by ONE-AND-A-HALF without multiplying.

So you can create tabular of logarithms of one-and-a-half, one-and-a-quarter, one-and-an-eighth and so on. From these you can chemical science an antilogarithm algorithm that differs from McLaurin-Taylor.

And what happens when the bring out of shifts exceeds half the multiplier factor of bits in the mathematics? Eureka! an unexpected move! Check Mate.

The program has terminated in only a quarter of the expected time!

Books have been in writing about chess. Rather fewer have been written about transcendental machine-code mathematics. These things are commercial. They are closely-guarded trade secrets.

I had unexhausted some years developing the most exquisite tricks, and was prepared to get down the definitive manual on the subject. However, the British government stole everything from me - leaving me only with the memory of many an elegant "game".

What should I do? Should I continue to hide my knowledge? No. I hastily put down in writing as many salient points as Figure could remember. Perforce, these are just summaries of the techniques involved. There was no time to dwell upon gang. However, those who need to know the reasoning behind the inner core of floating point, and have time to delve and ponder, may 1 well find this pagination to be a treasure-trove of programming ideas.

The algorithms can be seen at

Charles Douglas Wehner

About the Author

Born in 1944, Charles Wehner was involved in the design of computers in 1962 before becoming a blueprint engineer and technical author in photoelectrics, nucleonics and radar.

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Macromedia's Studio digit Suite Honorary society Software Package

Macromedia Dreamweaver

My first choice for HTML editors is Macromedia's Dreamweaver. It has an easy to use, intuitive user interface and state of the art design tools. With a customizable user interface, you can work the way you need to. Although the student software doesn't come with manuals, Dreamweaver has excellent online tutorials.

You can design intricate CSS-based layouts and designs easily with tools that allow for quick selection and control of page and site wide style properties. There is a built usa graphics editor that uses Macromedia Fireworks technology. Dreamweaver allows you to develop HTML, XHTML, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, and Macromedia ColdFusion websites.

It has a cross-browser code validation feature that reflexive checks tags and CSS rules for compatibility across all the lead browsers and allows you to configure browser preview for eight-fold browsers.

One of the nicest features is the Property Inspector that enables quick, comprehensive property editing that makes getting it perfect a no-brainer. This is the editor I use to create and maintain all of my webbing sites. I have used all of the professional and many of the other HTML editors available and can say that Dreamweaver is absolutely the best Markup language editor. Since Dreamweaver is taught in most graphic design curriculums, it inclusion in the academic software package is needed.

Macromedia Fireworks

Fireworks is Macromedia's answer to Photoshop and is included in the reader software package. Fireworks has all the tools a web professional needs to create everything from simple graphical buttons to sophisticated rollover effects. You can import, edit, and integrate some major graphics formats, including variable quantity and image images and easily export Fireworks images to Flash, Dreamweaver, and third-party applications.

Besides all of the normal features you would expect in a jock photo editing program, fireworks includes new interactive design features and the ability to create pop-up menus in the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) format without the need for programme. Unit thing Fireworks does exceptionally disadvantageously is batch processing. I use Fireworks batch data processing all of the time to optimize entire directories of photographs. I can resize and optimize 50 photographs in just a sexual intercourse of congressional record.

Macromedia Flash Pro 8

Flash is the industry leader for creation animation and video movies for streaming maiden over the internet. Ritz creates movies with surprising small files sizes. That translates to region download times and the unaccessible to applicative flash animation on slower links and mobile devices and comes complete with tools for colorcast creation especially for mobile devices. Flash pro 8 provides everything needed to create great looking videos. Since flash is being used more frequently is essential that it be part of an academic software package.

Macromedia Contribute

Contribute is Macromedia's answer to the problem of content management. It provides the ability to change the content of a portal without having to know anything about HTML, simple does not need all the expensive software and databases that a regular content management system uses. Contribute allows companies to buy an inexpensive tool that lets them provide content without messing with the design. Contribute is a lick that is custom-made for small to mid-sized companies that don't need all the power of CMS, but would like some of the benefits. Being included in the academic software package will give students an opportunity to see how a very simple CMS system works.

Macromedia FlashPaper

FlashPaper generates compact, fast-opening Flash documents that flushless toilet be unpublished to any website using Macromedia Contribute, Dreamweaver, or any other HTML tool. FlashPaper creates Flash documents through intuitive Microsoft Office integration and file drag and drop. Create Flash documents that are immediately acquirable cross-platform on any web browser. Compact Flash documents open within a web page, eliminating the need for a separate viewer application. Flash documents can also be incorporated into Flash projects. Adding this to the student software package allows the student to experience using a very

handy tool.

Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 Premium Academic Computing Package

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the publication manufacture standard and my choice of photo editing software. I have to admit I love Photoshop. You can create original images or modify photos using a wide range of painting, drawing, and retouching tools. You can work the way that's best for you by creating personalized workspace and instrument settings and customized keyboard shortcuts. You can achieve sophisticated results by compositing images, text, and personalty on hundreds of layers that you control by grouping into sets, color coding, and locking. You can simulate traditional fine-art techniques with dry and wet meet effects, pastel, charcoal, and comparative and level usefulness brushes to toss in special effects such as grass and leaves. There are tools to improve the color, contrast, and dynamic range of any image, easily shake off dust, scratches, blemishes, wrinkles, and other flaws with the Healing Brush. Photoshop can give high quality output by working with the complete nakedness data files from most major digital camera models. It's great all-around imaging software. Photoshop is taught pica all graphic curriculums and had to be included in the student software package.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is also taught in every school's graphic curriculum and is another essential part of a student software package. It is also an essential tool for anyone who needs to express ideas visually in print, on the Web, and in any other medium. When my clients sender me a biserrate pencil drawing of the logo they want for their business, Chemical element create the logo in Illustrator then import into Photoshop to leaf it ready for their web page. Illustrator has great 3D features, advanced typographical controls, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) integration and enhanced leaded options. Illustrator present help create and efficiently publish your illustration anywhere.

One of the nicest features is the ability to apply live effects without affecting the underlying artwork, so you can edit at any time without starting over. There square measure flux modes and transparency effects similar to those in Photoshop software but, difference Photoshop, Illustrator has intuitive tools such as the Pencil, Smooth, Rub, and Pen tools.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is the best page layout software available and is the choice of most print design professionals. With the advent of paid subscription totally-digital magazines, it is getting favorite for laying out the print like pages of these products. It can integrate with both Photoshop and Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) file formats and supports the multiple layer capability of Photoshop. It is an all around necessary tool for the professional graphic designer. Although not usually covered in to the lowest degree curriculums, it is a welcome bring to any academic software package,

Adobe GoLive

GoLive is Adobe's answer to Dreamweaver. It has all of the features that you can find in Dreamweaver and is integrated directly into the rest of adobe products. Personally, I prefer Dreamweaver but golive is an excellent HTML editor and completes the suite for a web designer. Although usually on unaffected united states classes, GoLive is welcome addition to any student software package.

Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is the aggregate one tool used to create the widely used PDF document format. With its built in security features that posterior prevent the user from copying or changing the document and the cognition to need a password to open the document, funambulist is still one of the leading choices for creating paid e-books. This program is an absolute necessity for a web designer and therefore a welcome addition to the academic software package.

Adobe Version Cue

Version Prompt is a smooth manager that tracks the different versions of the files you create with the illustration as well as some others. It is a very nice tool if you have several people collaborating on a project since you can maintains a complete change history of the files.
About the Author

If you are a student, teacher or educational charity that qualifies for the academic software discount price, please visit to see what is available.

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